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I bought 2 adult suits and 2 kids suits with gloves and we used them for the first time on the weekend and we are really happy with them. I was so pleased to see my Grandson (8 1/2 ) just standing next the hive and watching, he was there for ages. He was protected and safe and because of that I was relaxed. Thanks again.

Jane Jones

My daughter just opened her birthday present, the bee-suit.
She is very happy & I am very impressed with the quality.
Thank you so much for being such a reputable supplier & such a helpful fellow.
I now have “bee-suit envy “ !!!

Grant Michl

Best Hive Suit - Pockets & Thicker Fabric, Great Communication, Recommended!!!

Naomi Lean

The best bee suit on the market. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Service Outstanding

kathlynne burbidge

completely satisfied, really good product

Stephen Isbister

Beekeeping Products focused on a Sustainable Future

Our beekeeping products are designed by a highly experienced team comprised of Australian professional product managers, international designers, pattern makers, tailors and fabric experts to provide a complete range of beekeeping clothing using organic cotton and a premium grade of conventional cotton. While the sewing of the fabric is done overseas to reduce product costs, the product design, quality control and innovations are controlled from Australia with the greatest respect for the environment.

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