Hand Made Surgical Steel J Style Hive Tool

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Now back by popular demand, we have reintroduced our incredibly sturdy, and extremely difficult to bend, hand-made surgical steel J Style Hive tool.  

At 90% OFF, we highly recommend buying 10 or 20 of these at a time.  

Unlike other cheap hive tools, this hand made tool is bevelled on both sides to a very useful scraping edge.  Hand made from surgical steel this tool is miles ahead of the other cheap hive tools which are bent and broken every day.  Custom designed by our in-house team of designers specific to Clearly Sustainable, we challenge you to find a better hive tool.

This hive tool is hand crafted by artisans and sharpened to a bevelled edge on both side by hand using a sharpening wheel.  - These tools are NOT your Cheap Chinese made tools, but designed in Australia and made at an overseas surgical tool manufacturer by craftsmen who are experts in the medical industry for quality products.

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