Beekeeping Vented Goatskin Leather PREMIUM Gloves

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Bee gloves are an essential tool for managing your Beehives, and vented goatskin gloves are so much more comfortable on a warm day for managing your hives. 

PREMIUM VENTED leather Gloves. 

At 80% OFF, we highly recommend buying more than just 1.  

Our products are NOT made in China

Our Premium Grade Beekeeping suits are quite unlike the typical inexpensive Chinese suits which are found from other online sellers, but are manufactured from the highest quality materials, precision workmanship, and available at a fair and reasonable price.

Designing products that create value for our customers
Our beekeeping products are designed by a highly experienced team comprised of Australian professional product managers, international designers, pattern makers, tailors and fabric experts to provide a complete range of beekeeping clothing using organic cotton and a premium grade of conventional cotton. While the sewing of the fabric is done overseas to reduce product costs, the product design, quality control and innovations are controlled from Australia with the greatest respect for the environment.

Soft Goatskin Leather Vented Gauntlet Beekeeper Gloves

Lightweight, Sized for typical sized hands
Vented gauntlets for arm protection


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